Latitudes Cafe

Latitudes Cafe

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And we're here

After a week of "arriving" I would say we are safely moving into the adjustment period. That weird part at the beginning of any new phase of your life, where you try to find normalcy in a completely unknown arena. I expected normalcy to be a daily routine of walking the dogs, riding the bike to the cafe, preparing wraps and smoothies all day, a little exercise in the evening and some evening relaxation (mixed with cooking). The dogs are daily enjoying their walks on the beach. The bike was a disaster (whoever said "it's just like riding a bike" lied) and the Belizean government has a different idea concerning us running our business. We daily are reminded that we live in a developing country. We have yet to be able to obtain work permits as the government is currently overhauling their system so that the labor department instead of the immigration department will now be handling work permits. When asked how long this transition might take, the response was "it's hard to say." Bugger! In the meantime we will spend a little extra money to expedite PJs work permit, but mine is on hold.

We have discovered that locals love sweets, so I will become a "stay at home baker." To create cookies, cupcakes and whatever other delicious baked item pops into my head will be my new mission. So far, banana cupcakes and oatmeal/cinnamon/coconut/chocolate chip cookies (definitely need a shorter name for that one) have been a huge hit. Today strawberry muffins and snickerdoodles are on the todo list. Since I love the beach, the dogs and baking, I certainly am not complaining about my current situation.

Speaking of dogs, they are adjusting just beautifully. It turns out that Dutch loves the water and has learned a new phrase: want to go for a swim. At which point Dutch runs straight to the water and lays down. Belikin is not so enthused by the water, but has always enjoyed digging so has found his own niche on the beach. All of the men and boys who work on the water taxis were very entertained by Balikin's name and often stop by the cafe looking for him. It looks like we are going to be ok here in our little slice of paradise. Come see us soon!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Here we go

Well, we are preparing to start our grand adventure. PJ, Dutch, Belikin and I are embarking on what can only be called, an unbelizable experience. Ok, cheesy, I know. In exactly 85 hours the dogs and I will excitedly join PJ. I wish I could say this was just going to be an extended vacation, but I would be lying. This is going to be work. But when the view from your place of occupation is a beach on the Caribbean Sea, you can't complain for long. So, all of you are wondering why. We have wonderful families, great jobs and the most adorable 940 sq ft you can find in the heights. The answer is simple: because we can. We aren't going to spend our lives wishing and regretting. We are just going to do. There are risks involved and there are loved ones we are going to miss daily, but it is all in the name of taking the road less travelled. I hardly think it would due to continue with cliches on the first post, so I'll give it a rest. I wish I could promise that we will write everyday or every week, but that's not our style. Just like every other person there will be asinine details of our life that just aren't worth sharing, however, we won't leave you in the dark. We will miss you all and can't wait until you come to visit our little piece of paradise. Let the adventure begin!